Lending Methodology

CBLM adopt credit plus approach in its operations to develop sustainable livelihoods for clients and families. CBLM practice group based individual lending where group leader’s recommendation is a must for lending. Hence group leader has stake in CBLM lending process as well as in loan recovery process. CBLM adopt monthly loan recovery process with loan duration of 1-3 years depending on loan amount and client repayment capacity. CBLM develop loan product through market research to meet all client and family requirements. As a MFI practicing triple bottom approach, CBLM lending will enhance social responsibility while protecting environment. CBLM aim is to provide faster service to client and it is the responsibility of branch staff to lend within a week after accepting loan applications.


  •  Livelihood development loans –  loan provide to start a micro business or expanding existing micro business. The loan size varies from LKR 20,000 to 500,000 depending on credit requirement of the livelihood, client repayment capacity and client grading in the previous loans. Free business development services provide for all clients as required


  • Ultra Poor Loan –  loan provide only for ultra-poor client based on PPI score card. This loan has 5% less interest than livelihood development loans. Provide to all very poor client  with flexible repayment process and also provide free livelihood developments services


  • Housing loans –  loan provide for improvement of houses, extensions, improvement of sanitary facilities and getting electricity and water connections from national supplies. The loan size varies from LKR 20,000 to 100,000 depending on credit requirement, client repayment capacity and client grading


  • Agricultural loans – loan provide for paddy cultivation, upland cropping, livestock farming and perennial crop farming. The loan size varies from LKR 20,000 to 100,000 depending on


  • Family Welfare Loans –  loans provide to meet the cash requirements for children education, purchase of computers for children, weddings and manage the social,  cultural and religious events


  • Emergency Loan – loan provide to A graded client to meet urgent cash needs in case of emergency situation. The loan provide within 2-3 hours after loan request and loan should repay within 1-2 months.


  • Machinery and Tools loan –  loan provide to purchase machines and tools required for clients livelihoods. Loan amount depend on requirement, client grading and repayment capacity