Success Stories


Pathmini Kanthilatha – Galle Branch

“Mrs. Pathmani is living in Koggalakade in Galle District. She was working at a garment factory and earned Rs.7,000 monthly as the salary. Her husband was a farmer and he was earning Rs. 15,000 per month from his cultivation… “

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Indrani H. A . Indrani Allis – Medirigiriya Branch

” Indrani started here business in part of her small house. Since 2014, she expanded here business with little savings from her husband earnings. She also added small tea shop to her business. She wanted additional investment for further development…… ”

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powsiya Mukamathu Ismail Powsiya Beham – Trincomalee Branch

” Mukamathu Ismail Powsiya Beham of 21/03, Ezhil arangu Road, Rahumaniya Nagar, Kinniya is in active member in CBLMF. She was doing a textile business for last 4years. She earns Rs. 35,000 monthly income. She wanted to develop her business further…… ”

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Ajantha Ajantha Kumari – Medirigiriya Branch

” Mrs. Ajantha Kumari 42 years & lives in the city of new town, Medirigiriya. There are four members in the family & spouse retired army soldier. Ajantha started her vegetable selling business at the age of 34.She started business Rs.3000 amount in year 2006 …. ”

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Yokana copy S.Yokanayaki – Serunuwara Branch

” I’m, Mrs. S.Yokanayaki lives in Killiveddy since my child hood. My husband works as Mason and farmer. I have a daughter, who studies nursing. Earlier, all expenses of my family were run by my husband income, however it was sufficient to maintain family expense and education cost of my children…

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Komathi Komathy – Trincomallee Branch

” I’m, Komathy. I have been occupied in No 228, Thevanagar in Trincomalee. Now I’m running a business, it can produce Rs.25, 000 monthly. I have realized that, there is a part and partial relationship between my livelihood and CB Lanka. CB Lanka leading to make my dream into reality….”

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