About Us

CBLM implement credit plus approach because we believe that poor, rural clients need not only credit but also other services in their forward march on development of sustainable livelihoods. Hence CBLM operational package provide following services to clients.

  • Credit facilities to develop sustainable income generation process
  • Free training services to enhance leadership development, technical skills development, business management skills developmentĀ  and marketing facilitation to enhance livelihoods
  • Family Welfare Loan to assist children education, improvement of sanitary facilities and drinking water
  • Housing loans to construct, expand , improve houses to have better shelter for family
  • Family Welfare Loan to manage cash requirement for religious and cultural events
  • Emergency loans to meet emergency cash requirements
  • Ultra Poor Loan provide to ultra-poor client with subsidize interest rate and fees
  • MWS provide cash payments for client and family members hospitalization, major surgeries andĀ  also donation for death of client or family members
  • Cash reward to appreciate children educational successes

CBLM include PPI as a key indicator in client selection process which ensure all poor will enroll in CBLM operational process and exclude affluent enrollment.