Housing Loans

CBLMCL Housing Loans

Housing loan product has very high demand in rural areas and loan amount varies from LKR 20,000 to 200,000. Rural poor don’t have very clear land title or high rated guarantors to obtain housing loans from banks. Hence HL has higher demand and some branches biggest portfolio is HL. However HL also has higher credit risks and need better feasibility. Clear deeds are not a requirement but client has to prove the user rights of the land.

Client’s Feedback and Ideas about CBLMCL housing loan facility

“I am Dammika Priyadarshani lives in Sirivijitharpura Monaragala.I have been building up our house from few years back from small income and savings through SEETU. Though I want to finish the roof & accommodate ,I don’t have enough capital. Husband is hiring three wheeler and also we are having additional income from pepper, spice, cultivation too.

I hope CBLMCL monthly due mortgage free hosing loan will full fill my dream house.

Taking a bank loan form commercial banks is impossible due to difficulty in finding public sector employees as guarantors and having no proper deed to the land we are living since birth as it is state land.”

“I am Vijithangani Jayawardena living in Pattiyalanda Monaragala, I couldn’t complete my house due to lack of capital. Husband works for the civil defense forces and hires three wheeler when he is off for the day and on leave at weekends. I also earn something from sewing jackets, around 200 jackets monthly. We can’t get a loan from other banks since not having deed acceptable to them because we live in state land so far since our birth.

So we are joining CBLMCL because their Housing loan is mortgage free and can be paid in easy monthly installments.”

‘I am Thushangani Subasinghe lives in Sirivijitharpura Monaragala, I want to add an attached bathroom to my house. I thought to join with CBLMCL because of its mortgage free, speed loan with reasonable monthly installments”